Museum & Exhibition

Highly detailed models created for Internationally renowned museums - Wren Church at the V&A, London. The Royal Pavilion at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Thor Heyerdahl’s ‘Tigris’, the Kon Tiki Museum, Oslo. Models for Mini Europe theme park, Bruxelles.

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Proposed Church for Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Constructed from original Wren drawing held at the Westminster City Archives. Exhibited at the V&A Museum, RIBA Gallery. Scale 1/48.

Completed model of the Wren Church that was never built.

© Façade Model Making 2011

Thor Heyerdahl’s reed boat ‘Tigris’. Reconstructed from photographs and personal accounts collected from the original crew. Exhibited at the Kon-Tiki Museet, Oslo.

Mini Europe Bruxelles. Open air architectural exhibition. Scale 1/25.

Royal Crescent, Brock Street and Circus, Bath.

Longleat House, Wiltshire.

Bull Ring, Seville.

Presentation model of the restored Palladian Bridge, Prior Park, Bath.

Scale 1/48.

Brighton Royal Pavilion. Originally commissioned by American Airlines. Now exhibited within the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Scale 1/48.